About Us

We are looking to breed to quality mares to promote and improve the Spotted horses of draft breeding; North American Spotted Draft, Spotted Draft Horse Society and American Warmblood bloodlines. Jake will produce get that can excel in dressage, jumping, driving, eventing, pulling, farm work, showing, or the perfect trail buddy!

He will produce strong frames, big bone, beautiful color, and a wonderful disposition.

The story of how Jake came to be in NYS:

I have loved this guy for over 5 years (beginning in 2004), having his picture saved in my cell phone this whole time. A number of years ago (about 2006), I did attempt breeding my mare to him through artificial insemination. Unfortunately, she did not take, and sadly I did not have enough funds to try again for that year. As this fall was drawing in (2009), I sent a message off to Jake's owners letting them know I was going to give another go with having her bred in the spring (this is where it all got started).

Debbie (his previous owner) let me know that at the beginning of the year, she had leased him to someone in Wisconsin, and he ended up coming back to Debbie in late spring to mid summer, through an unfortunate turn of events. Jake was in rough shape, and Debbie told me she was strongly thinking about gelding him due to the situation.

This was a slightly devastating blow to me and blew my mind to think this beautiful boy was not going to be available for stud anymore.

About 2 nights later, I found an ad that was advertising a lot of Debbie's equipment (carriages) and a few stallions. This meant Jake 'might' be going up for sale. The night after this we found a more definitive answer, finding an ad for Jake himself. I was thrilled and horrified to find this, and at this point my mind began racing to think of something to do, or how to do it, or if I even could!

My mother has been a huge support in all of this, even selling her/our motorcycle for the funds needed to build a barn...but we still needed a place to build it since not many people that offer boarding ever want to take on a stallion, especially a 2,000+ pound stud. We searched the local area to find either a plot of land to 'rent' or a decent place to board.

Out of almost nowhere, a friend mentioned a women locally that was boarding for an awesome price, and so we looked into it. It seemed like some wacky daydream, almost unreal, and too good to be true. Acres and acres of rolling fields, horses everywhere, and they were willing to let us build a barn for our new boy Jake. Everything was moving a bit slow, but decisions had to be made....and finally, it seemed to come together. We had the lumber delivered on a Friday and that weekend we got a phone call. She did not own the land, it was her stepfathers property, and he did not want the liability of the 'stallion!' It all fell through in a matter of minutes.

This was all absolutely devastating, since the arrival date for Jake was less than a month away!!  In my searches, I sent a few emails off to a former 'boss/friend' of mine who has a local horse farm to see if she had interest in doing a partial boarding with me and she could have access to his services (fresh blood). Unfortunately due to his size, it was just unfeasible for her to take Jake, but she gave me a reference to someone that might be willing to work with a draft Stallion.

Tammy has been willing to work and so has her husband to get everything as close to ready as possible in a VERY short amount of time. She was more than willing to take on a Stallion of any size (since she already had 3 stallions)! She has been a life saver for us. She has the knowledge to help, work with me, and also was willing to take on our mares, which would be wonderful to have all the horses at the same location.

Jake arrived! Debbie shipped him to me all the way from Illinois for only the price of lodging and gas. There is no way I would have been able to go through with this if I did not have such willing and helpful people to back me up.

We now have all the horses over at Tammy's place, everyone is doing well. Jake loves his area and he loves the fact that he has a barn ALL to himself and can still keep a watchful eye on what is going on around the farm, including all the girls.

This whole thing has been a huge exhilarating experience and is going to continue being a learning experience. I am so lucky to have the ONE AND ONLY stallion I would have ever considered. I had never wanted a stallion until now! Whats even better, is that he has a wonderful disposition, is very sweet and calm...He is such a good boy!

Thank you to everyone who helped me in this mission of getting Jake home, and thank you to those who read or listened to our story.

We are so happy with BHR Bryants Jake and can't wait to share him with everyone else!


          This picture is when he first arrived here in NY